Nutritionist advises Nigerians to eat snails

Hajiya Jummai Abdul, a nutritionist with the Wuse General Hospital, Abuja has advised Nigerians to eat snails as glycoprotein, which helps to fight cancer, is found in them.
Abdul gave the advice during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja.
She said: “An average snail contains glycoprotein, which is believed to contain cancer-fighting properties, than any red meat.
“Its consumption is ideal for healthy living.
“Snails are rich sources of vitamins, highly packed with vitamins E, A, K and B12.
“It contains essential fatty acids.
“Calcium, iron, selenium and magnesium are also found in snails.”
According to Abdul, snails are ideal diets for weight watchers because they are good sources of protein but low in calories and fat.
She added: “Snail secretion contains copper peptide thought to be the only natural source of a substance usually manufactured to assist in making creams.
“This helps to minimise scarring.”
She said that snail is tasty and nutritious and helps to reduce anaemia caused by lack of iron in the diet.
Abdul, therefore, stressed that people should eat snails for healthy life.