Nurses protest in Abuja over alleged assault by police officer

The National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, Asokoro Hospital, Abuja branch on Thursday staged a peaceful protest over alleged assault on one of its members by a police officer.
Deborah Yusuf, Chairperson of the FCT Chapter of the association, who spoke to newsmen after the protest, said the action was necessary since assault had been a recurrent event at the hospital.
According to Yusuf, the police officer, who identified himself simply as Daniel, was not patient enough with the nurses on duty when he brought a patient to the hospital in the late hours of February 11.
She said: “Today is one of our black days.
“We are here to stage a peaceful protest.
“One of our nurses was assaulted on duty on the night of February 11, not quite long a nurse and a doctor were also assaulted.
“This made them three health workers.
“The man who assaulted this nurse claimed to be a policeman, and by name Daniel.
“He brought in a patient and held the nurses on duty to ransom that until they treated his patient, even when they told him there was a procedure to follow.
“The patient was fixed to the intravenous drip, checked for vital signs, but the policeman still claimed his patient was not attended to and harassed everybody on duty that night for over 20 minutes.”
Yusuf said the particular issue that brought up the protest was the biggest harassment of a female nurse who came in during the period.
According to Yusuf, the policeman claimed that this particular nurse was recording all what happened that night even when she was only playing with her phone.
She said the policeman held the nurse’s hand and threatened to injure her, and that the nurse in question had  been on an admission in the hospital ever since the incident.
She called on relevant authorities to do justice to the matter, adding that the life of nurses in the FCT was not safe if this kind of trend continued.
She added: “This is not the first assault coming to the nurses.
“We have had series of assault from patients’ relations, doctors, we are not happy; this one is done by a police officer who is supposed to protect lives and property of all citizens.”
Sunday Maichibi, the Asokoro branch Chairman of the association, who expressed disappointment over the issue, also joined in calling for justice on this case.
Maichibi also called for implementation of laws guiding the protection of the association whenever its members were on duties.