NFF used police to abduct, detain me – Jalla

The President of the National Association of Nigerian Footballers, Harrison Jalla, has alleged that the Nigeria Football Federation organised the use of men of the Nigeria Police to invade his Lagos office to abduct and detain him, using a complainant he had never met to frame him up.

Speaking in a telephone interview, Jalla, who had been the arrowhead of opposition to the board of the NFF, said: “I was in my office when the policemen arrived.
“I was abducted and denied any means of communication, taken away and detained.
“When my arrest was effected, the complainant, whom I had never had anything to do with or have I ever met, pulled a call through to Ademola Olajire, the NFF’s Chief Media Officer, detailing how I was arrested.
“That was the point I realised it was the NFF that organised the latest arrest and charges.
“I was detained by the police and denied access to my lawyers or relations.
“I was however released on Saturday night.
“The arrest and detention has shown the new level of desperation the NFF people are bringing into this matter.
“This is the third time they are using the police as an instrument of oppression wrongly and unjustly.”
Asked what will be reaction to the development, Jalla said: “I will respond accordingly in due course.
“One thing is certain: I an not going to be daunted by all these.
“You know what?
“The entire arrest and detention was not incidented by the police meaning it was likely an illegal operation.
“You will get further details in days.”
Jalla said further: “They had planned to use hit men to eliminate 10 of us.
“I am one of the 10.
“It was what I was battling with that Friday when my office was invaded.
“The list include some prominent persons who are regarded as disturbing their peace.
“My sources had told me the list of the people on the elimination scheme.
“I won’t release the list now.
“I, however, promise to make the list available to you in a matter of one or two days.”