Music review: Davido drops unimpressive single in New Year

After a successful 2019, Superstar Nigerian Singer and Song Writer, David Adedeji Adeleke, aka Davido, has opened the year with a new song titled: “2020 Letter To You.”
The song kicked off with Davido advising and encouraging his listeners in his lyrics.
He sang: “Manage your state, magnify your office, comport yourself. Be true to yourself, I live this life at a pace that any man can go. Know your place and dedicate your role, to the fate that you will die alone.”
Truly, the first verse did pass across a message to listeners in a creative way, advising listeners to improve on themselves.
But as the song went on, the singer missed it all on the second verse.
His writing skill on the second verse was a little bit shallow, the lyrics were random and not brainy.
It was as though he was saying just anything that popped in his head.
The song does not have the potential of becoming a hit and even the singer by now should have realised that.
The rhythm, beat and lyrics sounded too mediocre.
More so, his lyrics on the second verse was not in line with the first verse.
The song could get a “thumbs up” from some music lovers considering the fact that some Nigerian music listeners are sometimes sentimental, especially when a song comes from a prominent artist, not minding if the artist was really communicating in the song or not.
The single, which was produced by Vsix, had also received mixed feelings from fans on social media as some music lovers expected more from the singer.
Unfortunately, the music star decided to start off the year with a simple freestyle structured song to motivate his fans.
However, there were speculations on social media that Davido was trying to “shade” someone on his lyrics.
This was said considering the song was dropped amidst the recent saga between Peruzzi (his record label artist) and Patrick Anyaene (onetime Peruzzi manager).
Davido is a great artist and has won multiple awards so far in his music career.
He had been consistent in the music industry for almost 10 years.
His hard work and musical talent, undeniably brought him this far.
His musical prowess is unquestionable but his job on the newly released single was more like a back pedal for the music giant.
Undoubtedly, the music star had an exceptional 2019 as he did not only sell out The 02 Arena in London, but also released Blow my mind, a song that featured American singer, Chris Brown.
The video to the song amassed one million views in 11 hours, making it the fastest Nigerian music video to gain the most views within the first 24 hours of its release.