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MURIC passes vote of confidence on Buhari



The Muslim Rights Concern has urged President Buhari to ignore critics of his administration and forge ahead stressing that the allegations are mostly emotive and lack merit.
The group stated this in a statement signed by his Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, on Monday stressed that despite the picture of doom and gloom painted by critics against the Buhari’s administration, the general picture so far depicts that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
The statement said: “They paint a gloomy picture of the country in general but our findings prove that such a picture remains in the figment of the authors’ imagination. An administration which has a poor understanding of the economy cannot raise external reserve to $42 billion from a paltry $29 billion within two and a half years particularly with falling oil prices. Neither can a regime which brandishes a kindergarten economic expertise rescue a country from deep recession within such a short period.
“How did the Nigerian stock exchange get ranked as best performing in 2017 if Buhari has really dipped our economy in deep waters? Just last week, Interpol adjudged Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission as the best on the African continent and it advised sister nations to emulate the anti-corruption agency.”
The group stated that the government has done considerably well as far as the economy is concerned and blocking of leakages.
It stated: “The indices are definitely not in favour of Buhari’s critics. By blocking leakages and diversifying sources of income, Nigeria’s non-oil revenues are poised to surpass income from oil for the first time in 45 years. Rice production has witnessed an unprecedented increase that the price has not only been drastically brought down, it has also re-jigged the monumental Kano groundnut pyramids albeit in form of rice this time around. Local farmers are feeling the positive impact of government’s intervention.”
It disclosed that for the first time in the history of this county, judges are being tried in court an ex –governors are been brought to book.

It stated that although Buhari may not be a saint, he is gradually taking the county out from the woods and it could have been a lot easier if the National Assembly have played their part.
It further said: “Nigerians must remember that the cassu belli for the parliamentary coup which allowed elements sympathetic to the opposition to take over both Senate and the House of Representatives in the early days of this regime was to slow down Buhari’s work and turn around to accuse him of incompetence and lack of performance.
“But they are now surprised that various projects are going on around the country. This is giving Buhari’s critics the jitters. It explains why they are feverishly spreading one false rumour after another, all in an attempt to cause chaos so that those projects would not become fait accompli.”
It further urge Nigerians to stand solidly behind Buhari and ignore any rumours emanating from critics stressing that it will be injurious for the administration of Buhari to be truncated at this point and that it will benefit Nigerians if they give Buhari another chance in 2019.