More customers express excitement over Polaris Salary Advance

Polaris Bank has continued to disburse more funds to customers and prospects who have found the Bank’s offer too irresistible to ignore.
Polaris Bank had reportedly disbursed more than N1 billion to customers less than four months after introducing the Salary Advance solution.
Polaris Salary Advance enables employees get up to 50 per cent of their net monthly salary to meet basic needs before the next pay day.
The service, which is available on all telecommunication networks, has helped many families secure short-term finance to meet their urgent needs, which otherwise would have left them vulnerable.
The service could be accessed via mobile phones by dialing *833*12#.
Polaris Bank also offers array of products such as auto loans, mortgages, holiday loan and rent loan.
Sarah Ojedokun, who works in the financial industry, spoke of her delight about how seamless applying for the facility was, stating: “It was fast, easy and on point as I got credit within a minute of dialing the code *833*12#.”
On his part, Chibuzor Ikechukwu, an auto technician with a Korean auto company on Lagos Island and a customer of the bank whose account is domiciled in Adeola Odeku branch, described the Polaris Salary Advance solution as a good development that bridges financial gap.
Polaris Bank is a future-determining Bank committed to the delivery of industry-defining products, services, and platforms across all the sectors of the Nigerian economy.