Minimum Wage: Don’t inflate prices of goods, Kwara civil servants advise traders

Mile 12 Market in Lagos

Kwara civil servants on Wednesday advised traders in the state against inflating the prices of goods, in order to make the newly-announced minimum wage of between N27,000 and N30,000 meaningful.
The workers gave the advice in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria in Ilorin.
According to them, traders and artisans in the country always increase prices of goods and services whenever the government announces a new minimum wage.
Aisha Bello, who works with the state government, urged the traders not to hike the prices of their goods when the manufacturers did not increase theirs.
Bello said: “It is common to start inconveniencing ourselves at the slightest opportunity; so, we are begging the traders to be merciful on the workers.
“If the goods are not expensive from the manufacturers, they should please leave us for God’s sake and not increase the costs.”
Toyin Adewole of the Federal Ministry of Information in the state, said it was time to reduce the workers’ sufferings.
Adewole said: “This is our time to enjoy the benefits of the new wage. We have suffered a great deal when the prices of goods rocketed and the salary was not increased.
“So, we are begging the traders to have the fear of God in them and let all of us enjoy this together.”
Another state government worker, Taiye Ibraheem, said it was a long walk to freedom.
Ibraheem said: “The traders should not turn it into negative for us.
“Though we deserve better than what the organised labour agreed on, we appreciate the increase. The traders should not create another problem for us.’’
On his part, Dotun Philips said that government should check the traders’ excesses by regulating the prices of goods and ensuring strict compliance.