Man who killed eight-year-old girl, removed her vital parts escapes from police custody

The Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Zaki Ahmed, has, however, vowed that Dike would be rearrested soon

An undergraduate of the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Ifeanyi Dike, who was arrested for raping, killing and removing the vital parts of eight-year-old girl, Chikamso Victory, has escaped from the police custody in Rivers State.
Dike was said to have escaped from the custody of the police at the Rivers State Police Command Criminal Investigation Department in Port Harcourt on Saturday night.
According to the father of Chikamso, Dr. Ernest Nmezuwuba, who featured on a radio programme in Port Harcourt, Dike escape because one of the policemen on duty on Saturday night, identified as John Bosco, had unlocked the handcuffs him to write his statement.
Nmezuwuba said John Bosco did not handcuff Dike when he completed his statement.
He said the accused fled as he was about to be taken into the cell.
Nmezuwuba said: “We were there with the suspect in handcuffs.
“When we got to the state CID, there was no light in the entire State CID.
“I wrote my statement with candle.
“Imagine a whole state CID.
“Then John Bosco removed the handcuffs from the suspect’s hands for him (suspect) to write his statement.
“At a point, the boy (Dike) said he was thirsty and John Bosco said I should buy pure water for him and I asked him: ‘Is something wrong with you? Why would you ask me to buy water for a person that killed my daughter? Why would I buy water for a ritualist?’
“And I told Johnbosco that it was none of my business.
“Some policemen were at the gate with guns while we were at the charge room writing statement.
“After we finished writing our statements, John Bosco called the IPO to go and put the suspect in the cell.
“The suspect was not handcuffed at that time.
“They did not walk up to a pole when I heard hold am, hold am; he has escaped.
“Whether he jumped the fence or not, I cannot say because the entire place was dark.
“It was between 7.30 and 8pm (Saturday night).
“I now told John Bosco that you know what you are doing.
“They (policemen) came out with torchlight and checked under the cars parked there.
“Then I saw the DCP, I mean the Deputy Commissioner of Police, and he said: ‘What nonsense is this?’
“He then asked after John Bosco and he was told he (John Bosco) was inside.
“The DCP then said that they should handcuff both his hands and legs.
“My brother, I cannot understand this country.
“This must be a planned game and I must fight it to the end.
“They have to provide that suspect.
“The Rivers State Police must provide him while John Bosco should remain in detention.
“This incident has proven the kind of country we are living.
“What is going to happen in this particular matter?
“Honestly speaking, heaven will hear it.
“The whole world will hear it.
“The boy (suspect) is related to me.
“We are from the same village.
“He killed my daughter inside his room.
“Ifeanyi Dike’s landlord is my in-law and also his own in-law.
“The landlord was arrested and the same day, they released him (landlord).
“The name of the landlord is Pius Nwoko.”
The Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Zaki Ahmed, has, however, vowed that Dike would be rearrested soon.
Ahmed said: “What I am saying is that it was an individual negligence that caused it.
“The escape happened in the presence of the complainant, that is the parent of the girl.
“The boy (suspect) escaped under the cover of the night.
“But we are making every effort, every move and by the grace of the Almighty God, within a short time, he will be arrested.
“We are not relenting.
“We know that this is a serious problem.
“It can happen to anybody.
“We are not relenting and by the grace of God, we will get him arrested.
“It is too bad it happened, but it is one of those things.
“Sometimes, things can happen this way.
“We have moved a lot of resources, both human and material resources, to ensure that the culprit is arrested.
“We call on the people to confide in us if they have any useful information.
“I will act on it.”