LAWMA to restore Lagos cleanliness

The Lagos Waste Management Authority says it is working with its blueprint towards restoring Lagos to its former status of the cleanest city in Nigeria.

The Public Relations Officer of LAWMA, Obinna Onyenali, said on Wednesday in Lagos  that the agency was committed to ensuring that the city becomes clean again.

Onyenali said in a statement: “The Authority has a blueprint to achieving this objective.

“So far, that template is what we are looking at right now and it is to take us to that level where Lagosians will be proud of the city.”

Onyenali urged residents in the state to embrace the habit of proper waste disposal, which he said would go a long way in establishing a cleaner and healthier Lagos.

He enjoined the people to imbibe the culture of waste containerisation to ensure environmental sustainability and cleanliness.

He told them to go back to the old habit of bagging their wastes and waiting for the PSPs to evacuate them.

The PRO said that such habit had over time proven to be effective in curtailing rising cases of dump sites  seen in the metropolis.

“What we want Lagosians to do right now is to go back to that habit of 2015, where households had their own containers in front of their houses,” he said.

Onyenali said the waste managers, otherwise known as the Private Sector Participants (PSP operators) had been empowered to visit tenements and collect their wastes at least once in a week.

He urged residents to contact LAWMA whereby their assigned PSPs did not show up for appropriate measures to be taken to address the service gap.

He said: “I want Lagosians to expect that the PSPs will always come and pick their wastes at the appointed time as we have assured.

“If the PSPs are not meeting up with expectations, LAWMA is there to respond.

“For complaints and inquiries on the activities of the Authority, please call these toll-free lines 5577, 07080601020 or send us a direct message via our social media handles: Twitter @lawma_gov, Facebook @LAWMA and Instagram @lawma_gov.”