Lagos serves eviction notice to illegal mechanics under Oregon/Opebi link bridge

The Lagos States Government had served 21 days “Eviction Notice” to all illegal mechanic workshops under the Oregun/Opebi link bridge to pave way for the  commencement of under bridge roads rehabilitation.
The Chairman of the Lagos State Task Force, SP Olayinka Egbeyemi, disclosed that the 21 days “Eviction Notice” served on the illegal mechanic workshops would expire on March 4, 2018.
Egbeyemi said the activities of these mechanics had constituted serious environmental nuisance as used oil and contaminated diesel, including waste water from car wash, were freely dispersed on roads.
He complained that the canal under the Oregun/Opebi link bridge was filled with mechanic scraps, used tyres and refuse generated by residents around the area, which may eventually leads to flood whenever it rains.
The Chairman reiterated that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode increased the number of mechanic villages across the State from 20 to 42 in order to create more jobs for artisans and other young people who will be willing to acquire skills as automobile mechanics.
Egbeyemi stated that these 42 mechanic villages were spread across the State to accommodate more mechanics and other complimentary artisans such as vulganizers, rewires and panel-beaters.
He stated further that miscreants and hoodlums terrorising innocent members of the public around Oregun, Opebi and Allen Avenue have now turned these illegal mechanics workshops under the bridge to criminal hideouts.
The Chairman therefore warned all mechanics operating on all road set-backs and walk-ways across the State to immediately vacate and move to any nearby mechanic village close to them as anyone caught violating any section of the Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Law would be seriously death with.