Kwara unveils January allocation receipts


Kwara State has received a total of N3.6 billion as net allocation for the month of January, 2020, Finance Commissioner Olasumbo Florence Oyeyemi said in a statement on Saturday.
The amount excludes N610,762,826:72 deductions (for budget support, SME and other loans) by the Federal Government.
The N3,663,473,766:55 allocation comprised N2,620,161,011:60 statutory revenue allocation net; N1,036,726,552:49 Value Added Tax; and N6,586,202:46 exchange gain, according to the statement.
The statement also announced a total inflow of N2,721,850,298:92 for the 16 local government areas, comprising N2,131,013,278:33 (SRA); N586,492,973:62 (VAT); and N4,344,046:97 exchange gains.