Kwara United coach foresees brighter future

 In spite of his side’s 3-1 win over Kaduna United in a midweek Nigeria Premier League match, the Chief Coach of Kwara United, Tunde Sanni, admits his team is not yet formidable.

 Speaking with The Eagle online after the hard earned victory, Sanni said that the best of Kwara United will be seen soon.

 “I am happy we won but I want to say this is not the best we can offer. The players are yet to blend. The new ones are yet to fully integrate into our pattern,” he said.

 The former Kwara United player said that the present squad will be a formidable side by the end of week nine.

 He said: “I want the fans and our supporters to be patient with the team. Most of the new players are just realising that the orientation here in Kwara is that you have to play well and win well.”