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INTERPOL issues Red Notice against son of ex-IAAF president Diack

INTERPOL has issued an internationally wanted persons Red Notice for Papa Diack at the request of French authorities investigating an alleged international corruption scam involving sports officials and athletes.
The Red Notice publication, targeting Diack, is in the framework of Operation Augeas, which INTERPOL launched in November 2015 after announcing it was coordinating a global investigation led by France.
Diack was formerly a consultant with the International Association of Athletics Federations and the son of former IAAF President, Lamine Diack.
He is wanted by France on charges of complicity in receiving bribes, aggravated money-laundering and conspiracy in an organised group to invest, conceal or convert the proceeds of active corruption.
An INTERPOL statement on Friday said the Red Notice announcement followed Thursday’s publication of part two of a report by the Independent Commission of the World Anti-Doping Agency.
The commission had been investigating a number of individuals, including former officials connected to the IAAF.
During its investigation, it requested assistance from INTERPOL’s anti-doping unit to liaise with national law enforcement agencies in countries where potential infractions had been identified in order to share information.
INTERPOL facilitated the commission’s coordination with French authorities, which agreed to launch an international inquiry into allegations, including active and passive corruption, money laundering and criminal conspiracy.
In 2009, INTERPOL and WADA signed a cooperation agreement to provide a clear framework for cooperation between the two international bodies in tackling doping.