International Youth Day: Run for elective positions, NAPS charges Nigerian youths

The National Association of Polytechnic Students has called on youths to run for elective positions in the country.

The National Association of Polytechnic Students has called on youths to run for elective positions in the country.
The group stated this in a statement signed by the National Relations Officer, Olasunkanmi Ijaduoye, stressing that the population of youths in the country will continue to double and the result of the increase will either be “catastrophic or beneficial” depending on how it is managed.
Ijaduoye further lamented that the youths are not been considered in either governance, policy making and other things that affect them and it is no wonder surprising that unemployment and other social vices continue to plague the youths.
He said: “Here in Nigeria, our case is challenging as there are little or close to no spaces for youths to strive or even have space in governance, policy making and integration in social schemes and welfare. Nigerian youths are only allowed spaces to work as electioneering tools and dumped after the elections.

However, we must stop this ugly and debasing trend as we are the most affected – unemployment, security brutality and intimidation and miniature representation in the political landscape.”
He lambasted the sit-tight attitudes of the leaders in the country and he called upon youths who have the wherewithal to come on board and inject their input to the growth of the country.
Ijaduoye said: “We have observed that our leaders are seat-tight power mongers whose penchant for corruption is giving little or no space to the youth who can truly bring about technological and economical revolution.

We urge quality, competent and capacitated youths to vie for these spaces from local governments, state legislature and as much space as possible. This is because we have the intellectual wherewithal to manage the current challenges facing the nation.

All we are asking for is space for the youth before things get out of control.”
While calling on the government to give the youths spaces in politics and technological advancement, the group also stated that the girl child should also be given space to education too as countries who don’t neglect their youths have progressed and taken then their places in the comity of developed nations.
The Eagle Online reports that the theme for this year’s International Youth Day 2018 is: “Safe Spaces for Youth”.