I’m on the right path – Omoni Oboli

After a successful one month in the cinemas, Being Mrs Elliot, the highly anticipated movie from Nollywood actress, director and producer, Omoni Oboli, has lived up to expectations.
The movie, which opened in the cinemas on September 5, has been receiving rave reviews from all and sundry.
It was the number one movie in the cinemas within three days of its release.
At the premiere of the flick, Oboli was all smiles as she got lots of hugs and back slapping for a job well done.
Speaking on the acceptance rate of the movie at one of the cinemas, Oboli said: “The rate at which the movie was accepted is overwhelming.
“It was really worth all the sleepless nights and hard work, just to see the way the film was accepted.
“During the premiere, I felt so loved and appreciated.
“I couldn’t have done it without all those who love Omoni.
“Doing something I had not done before was a bit scary.
“But seeing the love, acceptance, encouragement and prayers and calls, I now know that I am on the right path.
“Even at the cinemas, people told me, ‘Omoni, you did well’, ‘congratulations’, ‘way to go,girl’.
“I am indeed grateful.”
Being Mrs Elliot is the first Nollywood movie to be screened at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.
The movie is the story of a successfully married woman who was torn between two worlds after a life-changing incident.
She later found that the best life has to offer are moments, not things.