I’ll still marry despite being over 40 – Ayo Adesanya

Nollywood actress, Ayo Adesanya, was once a live-in-lover to actor-cum-producer, Goriola Hassan.
They had lived together as husband and wife in the United States of America, a relationship that produced a nine-year old boy before t packed up over allegations of extra marital affairs on Adesanya’s part.
It would be recalled that when the crisis hit the public, Hassan quickly granted a soft sell magazine an interview where he said he had to dump Adesanya because of her sex romp among other issues that crumbled the well nurtured union.
However, Adesanya, in a recent interview, said she was never married to Hassan.
She said: “We only lived together as husband and wife.
“I’m not thinking about reconciliation either.
“I have moved on and I guess he has moved too.
“I’m still young.
“In my 40s, definitely get married some day after learning more tips I need to know about marriage.”