GPN senate candidate says senate duties should be on part-time basis

Santos Tapshak, the Green Party of Nigeria, senatorial candidate for Plateau Central, has suggested that the Senate duties in Nigeria should be a part-time business.
The candidate stated this on Tuesday in Jos, at a media forum organised for political candidates, by the Correspondents’ Chapel of the Plateau Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalist.
The candidate was reacting to allegations that the lawmakers were paid “excessive allowances”, while their constituencies were yearning for developmental projects.
He said: “I have always said that the senate should operate on a part-time business; why should we give sitting allowances to those who do not attend meetings?
“Paying huge sums as sitting allowances to people who have no time for the sittings is not justifiable; that, to me, is pure corruption.”
According to him, the peculiarities of the central senatorial zone call for more input into agro-business and financing.
He said: “There are some communities in areas such as Kanke Local Government Area, who are burdened with volcanic soils inhibiting bumper harvest.
“Kanam is a fertile ground for groundnut. People there need more support to produce en masse.”
He regretted that many senators had always adopted a generic approach in addressing the concerns of their constituencies without taking cognisance of their peculiar needs.
Tangshak also decried the joblessness among the youths, and promised to lobby for projects that would enhance youth and women empowerment.
Earlier in his remarks, Aminu Idegu, the Chairman of the Chapel, had said that candidates would be held accountable for promises they made during their campaigns.
He urged all politicians to preach peace to their followers and avoid hate speeches in their campaigns.