Garlic fights cancer cells – Nutritionist

A Nutritionist, Celina Danjuma, in Kaduna on Wednesday advised Nigerians to increase their daily intake of garlic in their diet so as to enhance healthy living.
Danjuma, who works with the Kaduna State Ministry of Health, told the News Agency of Nigeria that garlic was good in bringing down high blood pressure and in preventing stroke.
She said: “Garlic, recognised by its unpleasant smell, is a rich source of protein, iodine, and sulphur compounds, which impedes formation of blood clots in the arteries and control cholesterol level in the blood.
“Garlic also help to lower the glucose in the body, thereby serving as anti diabetic.
“It reduces the effect of cell oxidation and fat in the blood.”
Danjuma added that the daily consumption of garlic helps to fight cancer cells in the body and increase the immune system.
According to her, garlic also serves as a powerful anti biotic, fights infection and bacteria, prevents the blockage of gastric pancreatic and intestinal juices as well as promote the digestive system.
“Garlic also reduces pain caused by inflamed and aching joints in the body,” Danjuma further said.