Fire outbreak: Oyo takes sensitisation on precautionary measures to markets

The Oyo State Government has called on market operators in the State to take precautionary measures to avert incessant fire outbreaks in the markets.
The call was made by the State Fire Service Department, while on sensitisation tour of markets on Tuesday.
The team, which was led by the Oyo State Chief Fire Officer, Moshood Adewuyi, went round markets to sensitise market men and women and their leaderships on basic precautionary measures to put in place in order to avert incessant fire outbreaks.
Adewuyi said: “We are here to sensitise them on the things to do to avert fire outbreak, which includes having fire extinguishers of 6kg in their stores, removing every obstruction like displaying of wares on access roads within the market for easy access during emergency and availability of water in the market for immediate solution in case of emergency.
“Also, setting fire on refuse generated within the market should stop.
“And most importantly, the security men in the markets should have the contacts of the fire services so as to reach out in time, if there is a case fire outbreak at night.”
Adewuyi added that the borehole to be constructed in each market should be done according to the specifications of the fire service, such that fire trucks would not need to travel distant miles to refill their tanks when there is fire outbreak, adding that roof extensions constructed along gang ways should be removed as such could aid the spread of fire during fire outbreaks.
He said: “We are here to converse for the economic development of the State.
“We don’t want incessant fire outbreaks in our markets and we know that all these incessant fire outbreaks are as a result of our people’s negligence and carelessness.
“Our people should be careful in handling fire because any mishandling can lead to disaster.
“All electrical appliances should be put off before locking up for the day.”
Adewuyi further called for cooperation among the market operators and fire service department so that markets would be safe as well as to achieve a zero fire outbreak incident in Oyo State.
Alhaji Lukman Arowolo, Chairman, Bola Ige International Market, and Abiola Alaka, the Secretary General of Araromi Spare Parts Market, which were visited by the fire department, all appreciated the good gestures of the State Government in sensitising them against fire outbreak.
They promised the cooperation of the market men and women through their leadership to further sensitive themselves and also take proactive steps against fire outbreaks by making necessary provisions for the safety measures required in the markets.