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FG ready to hold Technology, Innovation Expo 2018 in March

The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology says it will hold Technology and Innovation Expo 2018 to promote commercialisation of research and development results to aid diversification of the economy.
The information, which was made available on the website of the ministry, said the theme of the Expo 2018 would be “Fast tracking Sustainable Development of Nigeria through Science and Technology”.
The expo is scheduled to hold from March 5 to March 9 in Abuja.
It said the success achieved at the 2017 edition of the Science, Technology and Innovation Expo held from April 3 to April  7,  2017 had further spurred the interest of the investors to commercialise research and development results to aid diversification of  the economy.
It said: “The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology wishes to inform the general public of the next edition of the Science, Technology and Innovation Expo 2018 coming up from the March 5 to March 9, 2018 at the Eagle Square, Abuja, Nigeria.
“Expo 2018 will build upon the objectives of the foregoing Expo of 2017.”
According to the statement, main objectives of the 2018 edition will include follow-up on Memorandum of Understandings signed as a result of the previous expo and promoting collaborations among research institutions and researchers/inventors.
It said that the event would encourage interactions between researchers and investors with a view to commercialising research results, inventions and innovations from Nigeria’s research and tertiary institutions.
It said the Expo 2018 would facilitate growth of indigenous manufacturing hinged on Science, Technology and Innovation as well as generally promoting STI culture in Nigeria.
It stated: “Fast tracking the implementation of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Road Map -2030 to bring to fore capabilities of Nigerian Scientists, Engineers, and Inventors/Innovators in contributing to economic diversification of Nigeria.”
The ministry said the 2018 edition of the Technology and Innovation Expo would feature exhibitions of research and development results, inventions, innovations, STI Products/Services.
Others are researchers/investors forum, technical sessions on emerging issues, Special Days for States, conglomerates, awards of prizes, certificates to outstanding exhibitors and researchers.