Ethiopian Airlines blames bad weather for aborted Lagos Airport landing

Ethiopian Airlines on Wednesday confirmed that its ET901/29 flight made an aborted landing at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.
The General Manager of the Nigeria operations of the airline, Firihiewot Mekonnen, in a statement, blamed the incident on bad weather.
Mekonnen said the aircraft, carrying 393 passengers from Addis Ababa to Lagos, encountered bad weather during landing.
She said the aircraft had to make a go-around-the-airport for better and smooth landing, in line with aviation procedure.
She said: “On a second attempt, it made a safe and normal landing. According to safety standards, pilots are encouraged to make a similar go-around in such cases.
“However, some media incorrectly reported this standard safety precautionary go-around.”
The General Manager, Public Relations of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Sam Adurogboye, also confirmed the incident, saying, however, that the aircraft did not overshoot the runway.
Adurogboye said: “Ethiopian Airlines came into Lagos at a time it was raining and reduced visibility, hence it had to go back and hovered for a while.
“Finally, it came back and landed safely.”