Here comes The Eagle

Here comes The Eagle (Part 7)

Now that it seems we are agreed on the fact that the leadership in most part of the world, Nigeria in particular, has failed, there is a fundamental question to ask: is it possible to change the leadership? Yes, it is. But that should be done solely democratically. And that, in most democracies, will take a minimum of four years.

So, do we have to wait for four years to have the needed relief? No. We need to take on this ineffective leadership in a robust manner that will yield results in no time. That leads to the issue of effective followership. The followership in Nigeria, I must say, is largely docile and partly bought over.  That is why our leadership gets away with murder, in most cases.

It is in this regard that a platform, a full news website, The Eagle, will be launched soon to help in shaping the direction in which we should go. This will be done by effective reporting of happenings in our country and around the world, especially cases involving or tending towards corruption, and giving the followership a voice in putting to task those we have elected (or is it selected?) and appointed. It will be a platform that will showcase the activities and inactivity of our leaders and highlight our rights to take them on for falling short of our expectations. It is a platform that is essentially to give voice to Nigerians to make contributions to how we are being governed. We will also provide you a platform to tell your own story.

It is time to tell the leadership that it must live up to the major characteristics of The Eagle, which we have adopted as our national symbol. It is not enough to claim we are the giants of Africa while indeed we lag behind even countries that are considered as dwarfs on the continent. And it is time to tell a part of the followership that also benefits from the corrupt practices going on in high places that we are watching very keenly and that the time to expose them is now.

So, watch out for The Eagle on January 16, 2012, God’s grace.