Donkeys in Botswana getChristmas gift

London-based NGO, Society for Protection of Animals Abroad, has announced a project to tag donkeys in Maun, Botswana with special reflective ear-tags to avoid road traffic accidents.
SPANA Outreach Veterinary Programme Adviser, Laura Higham, made this known in Maun on Tuesday.
Higham noted that donkeys and livestock in Botswana commonly roam free on roads in search of grazing, making them susceptible to being hit by motorists, especially at night.
Higham said: “SPANA, which is working through partner charity Maun Animal Welfare Society in Botswana, will attach the reflectors to donkeys’ ears in Maun and the surrounding areas.
“This Christmas we hope that these simple gifts for the donkeys of Botswana will help reduce the number of collisions caused by the animals every year.
“It will also potentially help save their lives and the lives of motorists as well.”
MAWS Chairperson, Ally Lamb, said that 500 donkeys in the area were successfully attached with tags in 2012, while 1,000 donkeys would be tagged this year.
Lamb said: “The reflective tagging programme has so far been extremely well received.
“Donkey owners have been very receptive to this novel method of protecting their animals against traffic injuries, while vehicle drivers and the community in general, have praised our efforts at improving road safety.
“Preliminary results from our 2012 project indicate a reduction in road deaths for the tagged donkeys, so we are very excited about extending the programme.”
In Botswana, donkeys are used to transport people and goods and for agriculture.