Donald Trump and his addiction to sex, by Taju Tijani

Donald J Trump, the President of the United States, is in a deep shithole. What a sweet revenge on the author of shithole himself. What is unravelling about this weird president bugles the mind endlessly. A day of reckoning is knocking hard on the presidential door in the Oval office. Day by day and breathlessly the world is awaiting the day the meteor will fall helplessly from the Washington sky with a reverberating bang on all the capitals of the world. All black African nations branded shithole by a shithole president will roll out the drums to celebrate the fall of an idiot who specializes in the dark art of causing offence.
Sex and politics are agreeable bedfellows when you are not caught. But when you are caught with your pants down, it is a career destroyer.
We remember President Bill Clinton and the White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, over the scandal of oral sex. He escaped impeachment by mere 10 votes. The incident tarnished his image for years and his law career in the state of Arkansas. The American hall of infamy regarding sex scandal is legendary. Sex has always weave its occultic spell on the modern man who lacks self-control and with proportionally high libido. Donald J Trump, by admission, is a sex predator. He preys on beautiful women with huge air bags – meaning: menacingly huge breasts!!! Not many white people like Bakassi – meaning: big bum!!!
In a recorded 2005 video he admitted: “I am attracted to beautiful women. I like to kiss them. It’s like a magnet. I just start to kiss them. I don’t even wait. You know when you are a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them in the pussy. You can do anything.”
In spite of this sharp claim to perversion, Mr. Donald J Trump was voted in as the 45th American president. By that strange heist, he summarily took out Hilary Clinton, the global favourite, out of circulation. The rest is history.
However, the presidency of Donald J Trump marks the beginning of America’s long descent into daily confusion. The continent of North America has never embraced a brazen and amoral survivalist as Trump in its democratic history.  He is a man of immense ambition but meagre talent for the art of political diplomacy in a volatile and dangerous world. His love of power and beer room brawl is legendary but his ability to govern with dignity, honour and humility cannot fill a teacup.
President Donald J Trump has turned a dynamic and vibrant nation into a seeping ooze. He changed the barometer of diplomatic finesse among nations into an opportunity to threaten, harass, fight, accuse and war with twitter messages. He has eroded and hijacked the everyday celebration of American liberty and caused deep divisions among white, black and Hispanics. He has uprooted America’s integrity in the world stage. He has combined a deadly mix of money, intimidation, raw power, blackmail, threat and other cowardly nuances to ride roughshod over anything that stands in his way.
As of today, over 25 women have accused the lothario American president of sexual misconduct. Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal have both doggedly made a pact with destiny to fight President Donald Trump with all their energy with the hope of exposing Trump as a perverted monster. So far Trump is using intimidation and his immunity to shut down the most volatile scandal of the American century.  What is becoming obvious is that this feckless coward needs help. Sex therapists need to examine him to know whether his uncontrolled libido needs to be castrated.
Donald Trump is a raw, nasty, rude, moronic, tormented, deviant, racist, pussy grabbing, cantankerous, bullish, liar, dishonest, adulterous, self-righteous, hypocrite, impulsive, unfriendly, unstable and a dangerous demagogue. He fantasises about women with big boobs. He pride himself on the ugly habit of denigrating women by grabbing their pussy. The putrescent of his mythic wealth is deployed to destroy destiny, oppress vulnerable women and treat other races as if they are scumbags. He is a self-imploding and unpredictable political rascal who has been using the might of America to terrorise other lesser nations to agree to his self-deluding America First mantra.
He has been tossing his grandstanding grenades everywhere. There was a nuclear standoff with North Korea. He rebranded all African nations as shithole countries. He said that Nigerians live in huts. He has lobbed his grenade at Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister. He is at loggerhead with Europe. He called Mexicans drug junkies, killers and rapists. He sacked the sackables. Loyalty is nothing to Trump. He has unsheathe his steely sword and ready to fight dirty over steel tariff. He is closing down trade deficit with China. His reactionary compass is to steer America back into the cave of political, economic and social insulation. Here Trump is paying a new homage to the rise of Americanism over globalism. Trump is introducing alternative narrative to the politics of the age.
Yes, President Trump has so many ugly looking skeleton in his cupboard. Yes, money, intimidation, power and the immunity of his high office are the cruel blockages denying the world the chance to see his moral emptiness and the guilt of all his defences as a sexual beast. To Trumpists, his blind admirers, his coming is the harbinger of American renewal. And to the others, his coming marks a shift into twitter tyranny, cover up, egotism, narcissism, racial division and subtle despotism.
President Donald J Trump is in denial. As a serial womanizer he is morally unfit to be the leader of the greatest nation on earth. All the women he sexually groped have been throwing pebbles in his mouth, and the scandal is turning into a profoundly moral nightmare for America’s leadership in the world stage. The foulness of Trump’s primordial sexual perversion is causing comical anxiety for the international community. The intimate carnal revelations of both Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal which have so far established President Donald J Trump’s complicity in the sexual saga has been met with denial by a fumbling bully who is yet to come to terms with his addiction to sex.