Dapo Lam Adeshina’s woes in Oyo State

In less than a year in office, controversies have started trailing Dapo Lam Adeshina, who was made Commissioner for Youth and Sports in his home state of Oyo.
Yes, there is no controversy over the fact that the humble and friendly man rode on the back of his father, Lamidi Adeshina, to get the position.
The influential former governor used what he had to corner the post of commissioner in the Governor Abiola Ajimobi’s administration for his son.
This was after his father’s influence could not muster the much needed votes to get him elected into the House of Representatives, the same fashion Aremo Segun Osoba did for his own son, Olumide, in Ogun State.
Dapo, whose rumoured taste for the fairer sex is legendary, is said to be finding it difficult to settle for a woman to complete him now that he has moved some steps up the political ladder.
As if finding a wife is not enough a task for the guy to grapple with, some agitated fellow have since started wagging smear campaigns against the young man, who has been linked to innumerable number of ladies in the past.
The new smear campaign, thought in hush tones, is that Dapo has no clue as to how to run his ministry.
According to the disgruntled souls, whose original reason for disaffection are not clearly defined, Dapo has not got a good grasp of issues that pose quite enormous challenges for the youths of the state, most whom have difficulties accessing employment and entrepreneurial activities that would have made them independent of the government.
They reason that since he has such a vague understanding of the issues, he therefore has no ability to proffer solutions to their problems.
To compound matters, Dapo was reported to have appointed aides who are younger and less knowledgeable than he is, instead of seeking technocrats who are sound irrespective of their ages.
Some have expressed the opinion that the youth ministry should be separated from sports, because Dapo has been channelling a larger chunk of the ministry’s resources into football.
As such, many of have them have started complaining bitterly, hammering on his age, as if former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon, was not in his early thirties when he ruled Nigeria.