Culpable homicide: Convict’s remorse, apology earns him leniency

African American in Prison

An FCT High Court Nyanya on Thursday was lenient to a convict, Christian Palidor, for being remorseful for causing the death of his friend, Gabriel Adema.
Palidor was found guilty of culpable homicide.
Police alleged that on November 12, 2015, the convict and the deceased had an altercation and he stabbed Adema with knife.
Delivering judgment, Justice Peter Kekemeke held that the convict would be convicted on his confessional statement to the Police, which the prosecution had proven beyond reasonable doubt.
Kekemeke asked the defendant if he had anything to say before his sentencing.
The convict told the court that he never in his life thought that he would find himself in police station not to say imprisonment.
Palidor said: “My lord, I have learned a lot these few years I spent in prison.
“I am asking you to temper justice with mercy.
“Free me for a second chance.
“I will make amends to you, to everyone and will serve my country.
“I have learned something that will make me a better person.
“I am a 300 level student now studying Entrepreneurship and Business Management.
“I have learned tailoring.
“I made this cloth that I am putting on.
“I am also a Pastor in the prison yard.
“Please my lord, temper justice with mercy.”
Sentencing him, Kekemeke held that obviously the defendant seems remorseful, but since the deceased is gone, he cannot be brought back.
He said: “The defendant is still alive, he has been rehabilitated, reformed and will be back to the society.
“I therefore sentence the defendant to seven years imprisonment.
“The sentence should ran from the date of arraignment which was March 14, 2016.”
The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the police charged the convict under section 221 of Penal Code, which is not punishable by death.