COVID-19: Commercial sex workers decry closure of night clubs in Rivers

Some female commercial sex workers around a popular night club (name withheld) in Government Residential Area of Port Harcourt, Rivers State say the closure of night clubs has affected their businesses.
One of the female sex workers, who refused to disclose her name, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Port Harcourt on Wednesday night that male customers were scarce due to the Coronavirus Disease pandemic.
She said the closure of night clubs by the Rivers  State Government and fear of getting infected with COVID-19 caused the low patronage.
She said: “This area used to be crowded.
“You can see how empty the road is.
“It’s really unusual because I have been here for like 30 minutes and nobody has approached me.
“Before this Coronavirus challenge, I do make at least N20,000 per night, but now all the men who patronise us are nowhere to be found.
“And if any approaches you now, he will just offer a demeaning amount.
“Seeing someone that will give N5,000 for the night is a challenge, an amount that is for short time.”
Another sex worker, who gave her name as Gloria, said she has not had patronage for two days.
Gloria said: “Before the outbreak of COVID19 pandemic, I do have four to five short time patronisers a day and another that I will pass the night with.
“I make as much as N40,000 daily, but because the clubs are closed and people are afraid of being infected with coronavirus, the patronage is low, with insulting offers.”
A lady in her late 30s said the closure of the night clubs has affected her sex business.
She said: “I do sex trade to help myself and family member and I make up to N30,000 daily.
“Now, coronavirus has caused a decline in patronage because the men are not outside since the clubs are closed.”