COVID-19: Commercial banks limit number of customers

Commercial banks in Enugu have taken precautionary measures against the Coronavirus Disease by limiting the number of customers in banking halls to five at a time to reduce human contact.
The News Agency of Nigeria Correspondent who monitored the situation on Thursday, observed that many customers were outside the banking hall as few were allowed to go into the bank at a time for their transactions.
A bank staff, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said all banks had restructured their work spaces, which was in line with acceptable social distancing policy given by the World Health Organisation.
According to him, aside from providing hand sanitisers, entrance into the bank had been regulated, thereby limiting the number of customers into the bank at a time to five people.
He said: “We allow five people to transact their business inside the bank.
“When the five customers are through with their transactions, another set of five will then be allowed in.
“We are taking this measure to prevent the spread of the virus and to avoid human contact.”
Some banks’ customers expressed joy over the banks’ precautionary measures to save the lives of their customers.
Oguchukwu Okeke, a bank customer, said she was told to take a number at the gate of the bank and wait for her turn as only five customers were allowed into the bank.
Jude Agu said as the bank could not provide enough sanitisers, the customers were asked to remain outside as only five customers were allowed to come in.
Agu said: “Customers are given numbers when they come to the bank, because the management calls only five numbers to go in.
“So, whenever your number is called, that is when you will go into the bank and no number will be called until the first five comes out.
“For me, it is a welcome development.
“It is a way of saving lives because prevention is better than cure, especially in this particular situation.”
Meanwhile, Dan Uzo, a customer at one of the old generation banks, said customers were compulsorily required to use hand sanitisers at the entrance of the bank as they were allowed in once they used it.
Oluchi Ijeoma, a bank customer in one of the old generation banks, said customers were allowed to go into the banks in their numbers as long as they sanitised their hands properly at the entrance of the bank.
NAN also observed that customers at various Automated Teller Machine maintained social distancing of three feet to each other while on queue to make withdrawals.