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Cleric to musicians: Minimise production of harmful albums

As part of efforts to minimise the production of songs that can promote moral decadence in the society, a clergyman in the Catholic Diocese of Minna, Niger State, Rev. Christian Achinivu, popularly called Father Paiko, has called on musicians in the country‎ to use lyrics that are not harmful.
He said in a statement made available to journalists in Minna on Friday that words convey meanings and ideas, while ideas exercise control and influence over people positively or negatively.
Accordingly, Achinivu said: “Our songs should be unharmful to the general public who want to enjoy the sound and creativity we make.
“Our works should not end up as poisons to the people simply because they like the style of music we play or produce.”
He added that songs should “make our children safer as they listen to it. Let me say that we can still write our music in any genre including R&B, Pop, Dance, electronic, folk, country music, soul and tell clean stories without involving the use of immoral words or lyrics”.
The clergyman, who has produced several musical albums, further disclosed that he is set to release three new ones, which would help to promote decent behaviours amongst the old and young in the society.
The new releases, Achinuvu said, would be available in all major digital stores worldwide and on his social network pages.