Chocolaty smell of a woman’s ‘Honey’, by Anurika Onyelemelam

When I heard the story, I shuddered.
I felt goose bumps breaking out all over my body. I couldn’t believe that some ladies could be so desperate as to condescend so low and take such trash from men!
How can a guy humiliate and debase a babe, yet she continues to go to him, professing undying love and believing one day that it will get better.
Yes…yes! I know …you’re wondering what the heck I’m rambling about!
I should get to the point, she says. Okay, but let me tell you sister, patience is a virtue!
Take that to the bank!
Okay, let me tell you…
A lady told me the story. It has to do with her younger cousin. The girl is madly in love with a guy. And yet this guy treats her like dirt. That’s my feeling anyway.
Whenever this girl goes to visit and he wants to bang her, he will order her to take a shower first or nothing! He would rather allow the agitating snake between his thighs to go through the indignity of a cold shower, to calm its head, than to give it solace by banging his babe.
Immediately she finishes taking the shower, he will order her to lie on the bed, supine and spread her two legs wide open. The idea is for him to be able to have a good look at her honey pot.
He will peer into it, with a grimace of distaste etched on his face. He will check the honey pot, left, centre and right… and if not satisfied, will order her to take another shower. That she had not properly washed and that the place was still emitting a stench!
Now, that is what gets me so riled up. Who the hell is he to be treating his girl like that? Imagine him talking about a stench…what about his manhood? Buried in that boxer since morning, with drops of urine staining the under pant…he expects it to be smelling of vanilla ice cream? Get real jerk!
It’s okay for him to bang her without him taking a bath, but not the same for her. Talk about double standard. This same honey pot is something some guys will lick, suckle and lap with pleasure.
When I heard the story, I felt like boxing the guy’s ears if I had the misfortune to set eyes on him.
And why the heck will any right thinking lady take such a crap from any guy?
Beats me!
Just because you love a particular guy, doesn’t mean you should be blind.
What this guy is doing is capable of affecting a babe psychologically and lead to sexual inhibition. It’s wrong to make a babe feel dirty.
This babe doesn’t like the way he treats her, but she keeps going for more of such insults and nonsense. When she gets home, she complains to her cousin.
Help me out here folks…do you think that guy loves her?
Guys who have gone down on babes have described the taste and smell of a babe’s honey pot in different ways. Some say its smells like chocolate.
I swear on this…I’m not fabricating it! Some say it tastes salty!
Are you aware that there are a lot of guys who beg their babes to allow them go down on them any time they are going to make love?
You don’t know? Well, know it today! And I’m speaking from experience. If he’s begging for it, then there must definitely be something good about it and I’m not talking about the earth shattering pleasure that comes with suckling a babe.
There is no babe that is created by Baba God to have a nauseating stench from her honey pot.
Nay! Just as the manhood has a smell, so also does the honey pot.
The fragrance from the woman’s honey pot cannot be so terrible as to kill a guy’s sexual hunger.
If you’re a careful lover, you would have noticed when the smell of your babe’s honey pot turns from natural, to choking.
When the smell becomes nauseating and choking, it means there is probably an infection; take her to see a gynecologist. Never allow or encourage douching of the honey pot (Washing of vaginal with water), as the guy in our story was doing.
Douching is bad for any woman. It does more harm than good for the woman. It tampers with the natural fluid and good bacteria of the vaginal.
When you wash your honey pot, you may very well be washing away the good bacteria, with whatever other stuff you’d been trying to remove.
If you see a gynecologist, the person may advise you go for a HVS/Culture. I advice that the guy also goes for lab test, so that if the lady’s infection (causing the awful smell) is treated, the guy will not send it back to her through sex.
Ladies should cultivate the habit of wearing loose fitted pants, to give the honey pot a sort of a breather, if you know what I mean. Those tight briefs could be so stifling at times.
Eat balanced diet food and do a lot of exercises; I heard these are good for maintaining good body smell.
But personally, the best protection is condom. This will help the babe from easily getting infections that causes awful stench.
Honey pots have a unique smell, and when that smell becomes a stench, know that you have contracted an infection. The earlier you see your gynecologist the better.
If you have a lady that has a vaginal discharge or odour, don’t become like our sanctimonious bastard of a brother in our story. Talk it through with her and go with her to the doctor’s. Don’t say it’s her problem. It is now the problem of you two because you just never can tell….
A guy once told me that he had been wooing a babe since ‘thy kingdom come’ and one day, the babe suddenly ‘gelled’. He simply couldn’t believe his luck. Thought he must have done something right that day for mother luck and that reckless beaver arrow carrier, cupid, were smiling indulgently at him.
Soon, he felt the time was ripe to slay her.
He took her to his dungeon, wined and dined her. He was particularly sweet to her that day, because he knew if you have to bed a lady, you have to put an effort into being charming.
The kissing, fondling and smooching started. Both breathing increase in crescendo. Both were panting. They moved from the sofa, to the bed. The guy was on fire, burning to posses her. He was already imagining himself buried deep down into her warm crevices.
He groaned painfully and pressed his turgid manhood against her thighs. Her fingers glided down, that’s a true daughter of Eve…tempting, seducing and dancing each anytime… she was about to touch the guy’s serpentine head, which was already slithering in his trousers.
He buried his face in her heaving bosom and said throatily, “Please, I have to have you…please don’t deny us this…”
She wouldn’t allow him to finish. She sealed the words with hot scalding kiss.
She glided off the bed like a seductress, pulled off her blouse, unclipped her saucy wisp of a lacy bra. Eyes trained on the panting guy in front of her, she slowly removed her jean and brief.
She was now as naked a jaybird!
The guy quickly buried his fingers into her hot, swimming honey…
According to him, that was when the stench from her honey perforated the four walls of the bedroom. He claimed that his manhood nodded off to sleep in revulsion. He claimed he didn’t go through with it. He told me that the girl must have been a dirty girl.
Nay, she probably had an infection. But whether he withdrew is what I couldn’t really believe. I mean, it seems to me like he had gone too far to retreat and will be happier to surrender! What do you think?