Cheating in love making among married couples (1), by Anurika Onyelemelam

They’ve been married for close to seven years and tragically he had never once been able to make her to achieve that awesome, rib-breaking, bone breaking, earth shattering pleasure called orgasm.
Incredible did you say?….unbelievable? No matter what adjectives you choose to describe your shock, these things are happening every day, in different homes and marriages and to different couples.
And don’t start beating your chest that it’s not happening in your marriage, without first asking your wife the last time you ever made her to reach orgasm. You’ll be shocked if she decides to tell you the truth!
You’ll also be shocked to discover lots of married women masturbate to make themselves come, give themselves sexual satisfaction, rather than to complain and start a quarrel with their husbands.
Some men are sensitive about their sexual performances and wouldn’t want to be told that they had not been giving their wives pleasure; rather, they had been playing the routine with her.
The routine? She throws her legs wide open…he slides his turgid manhood into indifferent crevices…he begins to ball furiously…pours and goes, “ahhhhhhhhh,’ and that’s the end of the story…yawn…boring! boring! Idiot!
There are a lot of married couples going through this scenario.
Husband and wife, living in a different world of pleasure, different chapters, where sex is concerned.
The husband is feeling like a super stud after every sexual encounter with his wife…and the wife?…goes about with a woebegone face…looking like a tragic heroine after every sexual encounter.
A sexually unsatisfied wife is a sexually frustrated wife. She’s like a time bomb, waiting to explode.
Imagine a disgruntled woman at home and you know what hell means. If truth be told, you’ll agree with me that a good number of Nigerian women/wives have an uncanny ability to bottle things up, even their own sexual needs, desires, yearnings, fantasies and frustrations!
Some of them sadly think and stupidly believe that the dysfunctional sex in the marriage is from them. Sheer nonsense of course! But try telling them that.
But I’m going to give it a good try anyway…I mean the part on trying to tell them that the fault is not theirs.
It’s because of this dexterity in pretending all is well, when it’s not…pretending that they’re good with not reaching orgasm, that causes this bottled up sexual frustration.
I can’t take it and won’t take it. Women should learn to burst the bubble of their husbands once in a while, especially husbands who think they are superstars in bed.
An example of sexually frustrated woman could be one that gets angry at the slightest or imagined provocation…she is one who complains about anything and everything at home or at anything Mr. Hubby does.
She’s not happy with this or that their kids had done or had not done…are you getting the picture?
Many of them are the good wives at home and wouldn’t dare to complain to Mr. Hubby who thinks himself a tiger in bed but doesn’t know he’s a monkey!
Yes, a monkey with a capital M.
Check your dictionary…you’ll find the guy’s portrait next to the word monkey.
He’s too dense to understand and read the signs that he’s not satisfying his wife. That’s the cheating in marriage, even though they’re both faithful to each other in the marriage.
When you accept all during lovemaking and give nothing back, it’s cheating.
…because she doesn’t want to complain or thinks something is wrong with her because she’s not coming on time as expected, she feigns orgasm.
Most of these sorts of wives are like sacrificial fools.
When the husband is about to pour, he begins to thrash…flailing his legs wildly in bed…he holds her tightly to him, grabbing her buttocks and thrusting hard…harder.
She knows he coming…she knows he’s going to call hosanna and pour any moment…what does she do?
She holds him closer to her chest…she begins to mimic sounds of enjoyment, drawing him further into her embrace, encouraging him, giving him love, fulfillment, pleasure, while denying herself of the same pleasure!
Stupidly sacrificing her sexual pleasure…for what? No bi me! God no go gree! If na swear, I dodge am!
Tell me what you think of such kind of copulation in marriage?
A marriage where the husband takes and have all the sexual satisfaction in bedmantic, while the wife is bereft of it all…feeling empty… it’s utter rubbish!
It’s called cheating.
In Africa, she’s expected to accept such cheating, but in a white man’s land, the wife may choose to discuss it with her man, and if he doesn’t change or think of her pleasure or how to be patient with her in order to allow her achieve orgasm, she goes hunting!
What irks me most is that some men, who brag about their prowess in bed, are usually the ones who don’t know how to satisfy their wives. You know that empty barrels make the most noise.
Some women wouldn’t want to complain of not being satisfied in bed because they don’t want their husbands to consider them sluts.
Bullshit! Consider me a slut…call me a whore, but you better jolly well make sure you make me come!
I tell you, there are a lot of men out there who think it’s their God given right to have orgasm at every sexual encounter and not the woman’s.
For seven years, a housewife was never able to have orgasm, thanks to her husband’s selfishness. After like four kids, she decided to tell her husband her pains.
And what did the idiot say…guess nowww…
The fool had the effrontery to call her a slut!
She had been keeping her cool, silencing her voice for seven years because she couldn’t understand what was happening to her.
What was her confusion? When they were dating, she used to come, but then they got married…since they got married, her husband had never made her to have an orgasm…worse…he didn’t know she had not been reaching orgasm since they got married.
He tabled the matter before his friends, who rather than support him, told him he was lucky that his wife opened up. He told them that he couldn’t believe that she had not been reaching orgasm all these years, especially since he used to have an orgasm at every balling; she used to cling tightly to him.
To him, that she used to cling tightly to him as he pours forth his holy water means she had come too. Mumu!
Nay! She clung to him because she wanted to make every encounter an enjoyable one for him.
But now, she’s the sacrificial wife, who had suddenly decided to receive some pleasure in any other sexual encounter with her man. She spoke up.
His committee of friends told him to brace himself and see it as a challenge, rather than as a slight. He took their advice.
The next time he went to bed with her, was a tug of war. He did everything possible, but she wouldn’t come. Then by stroke of luck, he decided to go down on her and bingo!
She shattered. I would shatter too!
It was that day that the guy knew the difference between a woman feigning orgasm and a woman truthfully reaching orgasm.