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The devil does not want the marriage institution to succeed, hence his attack on it through this kind of teachings, immorality, divorce, polygamy, betrayal, confusion, childlessness, economic strangulation, spiritual, ritual and idolatry desecration, etc

While members of the executive arm of government are the usual culprits in embezzlement of public funds, it could be safely concluded that the Nigerian judiciary is the greatest cog in the country’s wheel of progress. For all the public outcry against corrupt judges, the temple of justice in this country is still tainted with the putrid smell of corruption

To save us from further deterioration, this country needs to do a lot of introspection, and make the necessary choice of focusing on the character of those that wish to lead us from top to bottom as can be inferred from Chief Akinjide

Sadly, Mr. Festus Keyamo’s Delta Forces United’s press statement was just a statement with no facts to back its hidden pro Urhobo agenda. I will attempt to do better than they did by providing you with facts to support my position that we must keep the peace going forward, by making sure that all Senatorial Districts have had their go at occupying Government House Asaba

This is because SARS kills at will and recklessly with impunity. As a matter of fact, it is licensed to kill and torture by the State Commissioner of Police and others before him. Transferring suspects to SARS, which is a routine in the Anambra State Police Command, expressly means a journey of no return. The sole idea of such transfer is for the purpose of infliction of grievous body battering and pretrial executions

I was too sure that a day like this would come against the embattled and estranged All Progressive Grand Alliance’s National Chairman, Victor Umeh, because the founder of the party, Chekwas Okorie, was hounded out by those he brought to the party. Okorie was crying and shouting above his voice, but the powers that felt they were in the party did not care to listen

President Jonathan will need to sustain the broad coalition that propelled him to victory in 2011 in order to retain the presidency in 2015. This means that he must count on the seven Northern states that he carried in 2011 plus five Western states, five Eastern states to add to his six South-South states to prevail again

That this enormously enriching book written to address a concurrent problem has come out of the ABU Press is a major achievement and a contribution to the advancement of the discussion on democracy, violent conflicts, federalism, political leadership and corruption in the context of the country’s effort at democratization

In the past four years, I have served as a member of the Standing Committee of the Guild. And without any attempt at flattery, I’ll confess that the outgoing president has led the association with dignity, with passion, and with integrity. And as an insider, I’m impressed and inspired. I believe the Guild must not only sustain, but increase the tempo