Buhari: Naked tribalism, cow and cowardice, by Taju Tijani

Fellow Nigerians, I will be offending so many people this week. I hate political chicanery and cowardice. I hate to see moral somersault in people who should stand up on the side of honour, integrity, steadfastness and courage. I hate spineless politicians who could not speak at a time of national disaster and tribulation. I hate ministers who could not tell truth to power and damn the consequences. I hate a nation or rather people who celebrate quietude at a time when disquiet is needed. I just don’t’ like a nation where bread and butter are the twin obstacle to free expression in a time of national trial.
Ladies and gentlemen, what is going on in Nigeria? Why are we the way we are? Why are we shaming humanity on a massive scale? Why are we bringing the black race to disrepute on all social and political indices? Why is Nigeria a stubbornly unrepentant nation? Why is our foundation so brutal, so wicked, so barbaric and so merciless? Why do we always bring Nigeria to her knees at a time when hope should be the currency of the realm? Why do we have no shame, no soul searching and no desire to properly rescue Nigeria?
President Muhammadu Buhari is now the talk of the town. He is now Nigeria’s number one hate figure. Nigerians are publicly calling for his head on a platter. Nigerians are calling him names and asking him to vacate Aso Rock. Why? He has been accused of accommodating a cabalistic reflex in his recent appointments. He is accused of being a dotard, tribalist, incompetent, bigot and a man disposed to clannish solidarity than national interest. Public analysts are becoming belligerent in their studio appearances. Pulpit sermons are laced with direct accusations of Buhari’s hegemonic love for his Fulani clan in that geographical expression called Nigeria.
In all these, there are no frames of reference to properly understand what gave birth to current events. Let’s have a go….Buhari became president because Nigerians wanted change. Nigerians wanted a total break from Jonathan’s wastage, hyper corruption and his cluelessness as a leader. Buhari was the anti-thesis of Jonathan. We love Buhari and we gave him all our goodwill. He captured our heart and mind and we were bewitched by the magic of his integrity. We believed he would fight corruption. We believed our jails will be teeming with convicted politicians who colluded with Satan himself to loot the commonwealth of all Nigerians. We thought we have said goodbye to systemic evil but not yet….
Today, Nigerians are bored by the illusion of change, lies and the powdery propaganda from the media that brought Buhari to the seat of power. Today, Buhari’s paternal perceived benevolence has become so pear-shaped and ambiguous so much that Nigerians are determined to stage a political showdown against him. Yes, in any struggle, there is a defining moment. Yes, in any push for radical change, something big must snap inside the rank of the followership brigade. Yes, in any seismic change leading to national resurrection, there is always the intellectual intervention to galvanise and act as the catalyzing agent to accelerate a new order.
Followership and intellectual intervention have now combined to disconnect from the whammy train of Buhari’s rhetoric of change. Many of the judgmental polemics and ferocious studio attacks derive their strength from the followings. Firstly, the president is accused of lopsided appointments based on clannish sentiment and naked tribalism. And this debilitating disease of tribalism has worked its enfeebling sorcery on Buhari so gravely that we could regard him as a clan-protecting pragmatist. There are booby-trapping evidences to show that all the plum offices are skewed to Northerners in his administration. For example, the Police, Internal Affairs Ministry, DSS, Customs, NDLEA, FRSC and many others.
This tribal sorrow is still a Northern bondage and Nigeria’s manifest deceit of projecting equality of all tribes. How long can we remain prisoners of truth? Who does not know that our democratic, economic and military institutions are designed to encourage, promote, justify and enthrone Fulani/Hausa domination? For too long and through sheer cowardice, we have accommodated Fulani tribal lordship, deflecting its insult, sustaining its ugly bruises and worse, we grin and just carry on.
There is nowhere Buhari’s tribalism cut clean like scissor than in his wilful myopia towards the genocide of cattle herdsmen who graze illegally on the lush savannah of Southern Nigeria. Questions are concerns have been raised regarding the activities of these band of armed outlaws who use cows as a camouflage to raid, maim, butcher and kill innocent Nigerians on a genocidal scale. To date, Buhari’s complicit silence on the activities of murderous Fulani herdsmen is replete with ironies.
Buhari, the Police, SSS and DSS have all turned blind eyes to the atrocities of this nomadic, AK47-wielding Fulani herdsmen. The recent violent killings in Benue represents our descent into organised barbarism, narrowness of tribalism and the monstrous accommodation of the superiority of the Fulani tribe over other tribes in Nigeria.
Second, the Buhari mystique is peeling off to reveal a very weak, incompetent and clueless president. Abuja has remain a city of moral defilement. Politicians still steal public money without retribution. Unemployment among our youths is still high. There is widespread insecurity in Nigeria. There is moral disconnection across all levels of human activities in Nigeria. A nexus of interlocking politicians, Army generals, service chiefs, senators, the Police and even the media have all come together to form a cabal that preys on the wealth of Nigerians.
In all these shenanigans, I blame Nigerians. Nigeria is not known to be a land of heroes. We are all cowards. The eternal struggle for survival has mute our conscience for the past 57 years. Injustice and corruption reign in Nigeria because of our silence, cowardice, selfishness and the desire to survive. When the muslim Fulani herdsmen were killing southern Christians, why can’t the Vice President Yemi Osibajo stood up for Christians? Osibajo is powerless and weak. He should have resign.
When Buhari moved away from the path of integrity and became a lover of Miyeti Allah and a ferocious defender of the Fulani cattle herdsmen, why can’t his Christian ministers resign in protest? Even the recent Obasanjo’s epistolary intervention is nothing but sheer political opportunism. Obasanjo’s holier-than-thou pride is far more dangerous. He ruled Nigeria longer than anyone alive. He accommodated all the excesses of the Fulanis during his own time. Yes, he may throw jabs at Buhari, but we have to remind him that when the time comes for reckoning he has many cases to answer. Obasanjo has a crude way of mythologizing himself at every turn of our national anxiety. If that is not opportunism, what is it?
Buhari’s aggressive loyalty and silence in regards to the Fulani herdsmen’s butchery of innocent Nigerians, is a further proof of Fulani imperial lordship of other competing tribes in a nation that is crying daily for restructuring or violent revolution.
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