Buhari celebrates entertainment industry with powerful speech

In a night that brought stars of screen, stage and music together, the All Progressives Congress hosted an evening to address the public on some of the most pressing issues facing the country and also to celebrate the entertainment industry and its successes.
The well-attended event, called: “An Evening for Nigeria with Buhari and Osinbajo,” took place on in Victoria Island, Lagos State and was attended by some of Nollywood’s, Kannywood’s and the music industry’s biggest celebrities.
General Muhammadu Buhari, in a speech delivered on his behalf by Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State, celebrated the hard work and numerous achievements of the young, motivated and vibrant community, and promised to support the thriving industry with policies that would create a conducive business environment that allowed all to be properly compensated for their intellectual property and skills.
Amaechi, in his delivery, said: Entertainers deserve to be taken seriously, like every other segment of our economy required to restructure our country for greatness.
“The young creative people deserve to be taken seriously, not patronised or confused by woolly clichés and promises that will not be kept.
“It is time to plug corruption so that wealth can truly flow to strengthen the sector.
“We need to aggressively fight copyright infringements so people can make money from their legitimate earnings and not need to – as some of you call it – ‘hustle’.
“Funds and investment from the sector must come through a viable interplay of market forces supported by a proactive government and not left to the whims of politicians who call people to sing and dance only for their amusement.”