British Election: Jonathan congratulates Cameron, Conservatives


President Goodluck Jonathan has congratulated Prime Minister David Cameron and the Conservative Party of Great Britain on their victory in the country’s general elections.

As Prime Minister Cameron and the Conservative Party prepare to form a new British Government backed by the clear majority in Parliament which they won in yesterday’s elections, President Jonathan assures them of the best wishes of the Government and people of Nigeria.

The President expects that the historic relationship between Nigeria and Britain which received a significant boost during the past five years of his Presidency in Nigeria and Mr. Cameron’s first term in office, will continue to blossom in coming years for the benefit of both countries and their citizens.

President Jonathan particularly hopes that both countries will continue to strengthen current bilateral cooperation between them in critical areas such as the fight against insurgency and terrorism, education, trade, infrastructure and the achievement of Nigeria’s development targets.

The President wishes Prime Minister Cameron a very successful new term in office  and trusts that he will continue to serve the people of Britain and the global community to the best of his immense God-given abilities.