Breaking: Saraki under attack over demand for inquiry into National Assembly siege

Saraki had on Tuesday on his Twitter handle made the demand, which as at press time had drawn no fewer than 251 Replies, 422 Retweets and 782 Likes in about one hour

The President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, has come under serious attack over his demand that President Muhammadu Buhari should set up an independent panel of inquiry into last week’s invasion of the National Assembly by operatives of the Department of State Services.
Saraki had on Tuesday on his Twitter handle made the demand, which as at press time had drawn no fewer than 251 Replies, 422 Retweets and 782 Likes in about one hour.
Many of those who responded insulted the embattled Senate president for his refusal to reopen the National Assembly for the consideration of the Independent National Electoral Commission 2019 elections budget.
The supplementary budget was submitted by President Muhammadu Buhari before the National Assembly went on break.
Here are some of the replies to Saraki’s tweet:

@Alexis1684545: @bukolasaraki open the senate and get impeached, we are no longer interested in ur story n selfish ambition to become the next president of Nigeria. We also say thank you for delaying the 2017/18 budget in the name of padding…

@Onibonoje11: Stop this your ignorance and international embarrassement of our hard earned democracy.

Atàpáta DìDe Bólá: Which democracy are you taking about mùmú?

@Abolademajor: Oga go and reconvene the national assembly, you said you’re not hungry to hold on to power but yet you refused to reconvene d assembly due to the fact that you fearing impeachment but yet you want us to believe you’re a nationalist?siting bullocks reasons abt member went to hajj.

@Kingsman_west: Okay. While that is being done, will you and your people sit on the election budget and stop holding all of Nigeria to ransom?

@Daniel49422223: What of the offah bank robery by ur boys that took d lives of 33 inocent Nigerians including women & children? Do we stil need independent judicial panel to investigate that? If it was an ordinary man on the street that his name was mentioned, he would hav been in jail by now.

@victorumesi: Whoever you are tweeting this crap go and show the replies under this tweet to your pay master saraki. Tell him he has turned Senate into a machinery to frustrate this govt so that the people will be fed up and opt for another leader which is when he’ll present himself. WE KNOW.

@lastborn10001: Continue ooo Mr Mesujamba… Have you realized that most of your supporters are from far away Easthern part of the country and the last time I checked they aren’t the people you represent… 2019 is almost here, and they won’t be able to help you….Kwarans are waiting Mesu.

@chuddy2003: Birds of the same feather flock, otherwise you won’t identify yourself with these individuals.

@ajiphowoke: You Saraki & others engineered the the siege just like you, Dino & Fayose have faked things before NASS siege you & others stage managed.

@Atàpáta DìDe Bólá: I pray You receive your brain one day… Nothing wrong with Nigeria democracy. Wake up from @GovAyoFayose ,@dino_melaye mind game.

@fanisi2: When the Senate rule book where forged, there were no assault on democracy, budget where not pass for seven month, democracy was not under threat, Oga your impeachment is not negotiable.

@Aruscom: Senator Saraki, you’ve disappointed your country for refusing to honour police on Offa rubbery and cleared your integrity you now clearly displayed selfish political interest of your ambition where is the interest of the public in all this actions of yours and your colleagues.

@SalimAyofe: it’s your fault…. It requires president like Obasanjo to teach you lesson.

Tony Attah: Every 18 months, doing a train each. But from 2007, not done any. Now set for Train 7. Intricate and complex business environment. Process started in 1950s but nothing achieved until 1989. So looking at the next 30 years. President Buhari thought by now 12 trains should have been achieved. That put them in their place.