Breaking generational curses (2), by Gabriel Agbo

One of the things that attracts divine curses that will always run generational is idolatry

Curses are unseen and unidentifiable forces speaking against one’s well-being, progress or existence. It can be an instrument for punishment or persecution. You see the effects manifesting physically, but the cause or source remains unseen. It can come from man, from Satan or even from God. You call that from God divine curses. Now, all of them can turn generational if not properly dealt with. That is, they can be transferred from parents to their children, children’s children and it goes on. From one generation to another. For example, if the generation curse (punishment) is poverty, every generation that comes up from that lineage will be poor; living in terrible financial, economic struggle. If it is sickness, you find out that their generations will always come with the same type of ailment or even worse than those before them. And generational curses tend to grow worse by generations. True.
Now, what are the things that can bring about curses that can turn generational? Idolatry, immorality, stealing, treachery, murder, mockery, disobedience, etc, all these can bring terrible generational curses to a family or a place. Yes, individuals, families, cities, nations and environments can be cursed. You can find all these in the bible. And you can get all these from my book Breaking Generational Curses: Claiming Your Freedom by Gabriel Agbo, because space and time will not allow us to exhaust them here. Check it out on Amazon. Now can we take them one after the other?

One of the things that attracts divine curses that will always run generational is idolatry. Idolatry is simply giving God’s place or worship to other things. It means leaving the creator to worship the created.. This worship could be to Satan, spirits, demons, angels, humans, animals, etc. Or to their inanimate representation in rocks, stones woods, images, objects, etc. Any form of diversion of God’s place and worship to any created being or object is idolatry. Those that their parents practiced occultism, idolatry will always have a heavy generational price to pay and the deeper the practice the harder the curse. Curses that follow idolatry and occultism are often terrible. And this is what many families are going through. True.
The only worship that God accepts is the one that is coming to Him through His only begotten son Jesus Christ. Anything short of this will definitely attract God’s punishment (curses). God hates idolatry with passion. No wonder He has always said that it is distasteful and abominable to Him. He calls it spiritual adultery, spiritual harlotry and union with demons. And the Bible has always identified Satan as the Devil; who is the head of all idolatry and occultism. If you are into any form of these occult practices, just know that you are inviting curses upon yourself and your next generations. You and your next generations will battle with unseen hindrances. We have read it before and I beg to repeat it here. Again, listen to God in Exodus 20:2-6: He said that He will punish the children of idolaters and occult people for the sins of their parents to the third and fourth generations. My God! This is terribly fearful! We will continue next week. God bless!
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