Benefits abound in sponsoring women league – Board member

A member of the Nigeria Women League Board, Emmanuel Zira, has assured corporate sponsors who embrace the Women League in the country of adequate mileage
Zira, who is the Chairman of Adamawa Queens of Yola, spoke in Lagos at the weekend where he led some members of the League body to a meeting with some possible sponsors of the Nigeria Women Football League.
He said that any sponsor who embraces the League will have a lot of mileage for every money spent.
He said: I can assure you that any corporate sponsor that comes into the Nigeria Women League will receive a great mileage for its sponsorship.
“Don’t forget, the Nigeria Women Football has wonderful goodwill because of its wonderful performance.
“It is dominant in Africa and very visible at the global stage.
“I have not seen one global competition that Nigeria has missed in recent times if not the last Olympic Games in London.
“Otherwise, all other major FIFA tournaments, Nigeria has always been there.
“It is a very good advertorial platform for all corporate entities that wants to do business with it.
“Nigeria Women Football is where I can tell you the corporate world should come into because the teeming women we have now are embracing the game and they are positively projecting the image of this country.”
Continuing, Zira, who is the chairman of the body’s Marketing Committee, said: “The major problem we are facing is that of adequate funding by way of sponsorship.
“If you look at it from the angle that the present Board of the Nigeria Women League is just a year and few months old now, it is not like their male counterpart, which is well developed and accessible for sponsorship.
“The Women Football League is one that needs to be nurtured and developed.
“Thank God we have serious minded people in the Board and the Board has been moving swiftly to reposition the Nigeria Women Football League.
“By and large, the major problem we have been facing is that of adequate funding and the Board has decided to go into aggressive marketing in order to raise the required funds to put the league on the pedestal of success.
“If you look at the performance of the Nigerian national teams in the continent, you would discover that our dominance in the continent is not questionable at all.
“In the last seven editions of the Africa Women Championship, you would find out that we only lost out only once or twice.
“At the age grade levels, you will find out that we are a force to reckon with both in Africa and the World.
“I can boldly tell you now that with what the Nigeria Women League Board is doing, I can see the country lifting the World Cup in the nearest future.”