#BBNaija: I almost committed suicide while finding fame – Mr Ibu

Nollywood comic star, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, said he was suicidal before attaining his present celebrity status.
Ibu, the fifth Nigerian celebrity visiting the #BBNaija housemates on Day 31, narrated his experience during the dairy session with “Biggie” in the Diary Room.
The comic actor said he “nearly” committed suicide during “his struggles in life”.
Okafor said: “Do you know that there was a day I prepared to kill myself in Ajao Estate?
“That day, I was preparing to jump into a well because of the situation that surrounded me.
“Three days before that day, I had not eaten and I did not have hope of eating for the next week.
:I was only surviving on water and I hate it when I bother anyone.
“Most of my close friends were not bothered about my well-being even though it was obvious that I was not all right.
“The friend I used to squat with threw me out of his house because he wanted to travel for Christmas and will not allow me stay in his house.
“From where I seated, there was a well.
“As I opened the lid and prepared to jump inside, the image of my mother’s face flashed through my mind.
“I quickly closed the well and began to wonder how my mother, who at that time was alive, knew that I wanted to kill myself.
“I went back and leaned on the wall.”
According to Okafor, the song: “When I got my feet back again,” by Michael Bolton being playing by a neighbour gave him hope and he decided to stay alive.
He said: “One of my friends, Frank, came back from London.
“He gave me a flat in his flat.
“He started taking me out and buying clothes for me.
“It was from there I got my footing.”
Earlier, while interacting with the housemates, the funny actor informed them that he had been watching the game back home and admonished them to be humble.
He said he was proud to be a Nigerian and gave them advice that could enhance their acts after leaving the house.
He said: “As soon as you come back from there, follow it up.
“Don’t stop, engage yourselves in movies, musical or anything that keeps you prominent, like being consistent in the game of awareness.
“Our country Nigeria is a fine country.
“We are giant of Africa.”
The housemates, who were excited to see him, took part in a “selfie” session with Ibu before his exist from the house.
NAN also reports that Ibu has joined other Nigerian entertainers like Emmanuel Ikubese, Mr Nigeria; Falz, the bad guy; and Ice Prince, who had earlier visited the house.