BBA: Romance hits the house

BBA-Betty-Ethiopia BBA-Bolt-SLBarely few days into the popular Africa reality show, Big Brother Africa, Season 8, Betty, a beautiful gal from Ethiopia, and Bolt, a Sierria Leonean, seem to have fallen in love.
Their romance appears to be getting hotter by the day and as the show progresses.
And this seems to be one of the major discourses in the house now, following their sizzling romance just four days into the show.
On the night of Day Three, while sleeping, they were seen kissing, caressing and rollicking together like siamese twins.
The romance was so hot that Bolt later asked for sex.
Betty, the Ethiopian teacher and translator, unfortunately turned Bolt down despite his mood.
Betty said: “No, we can’t do that here.
“There are cameras everywhere.”
Bolt slept off after Betty’s statement.