Baby born prematurely with high blood alcohol content is dead


Polish prosecutors on Tuesday said a baby that was born prematurely in a hospital outside Warsaw with a blood alcohol content of more than 3.2mg per mm, has died.
A spokesman told dpa that the baby, who weighed just 1,300 grammes at birth and had significant genetic defects, was undergoing an autopsy to determine the cause of death.
The 42-year-old mother was admitted to a hospital in the town of Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki on December 23, 2019, after contractions started, though she was only in the 28th week of pregnancy.
After birth, the baby was brought to a specialist division of the hospital.
The mother left the hospital shortly after the birth and was subsequently questioned by the Police and prosecutors.
She confessed to being drunk at the time of the birth and was released shortly thereafter because she was able to prove that she had a permanent resident, the spokesman said.
It is hoped that the autopsy will determine whether the baby died as a result of its genetic defects or of its high blood alcohol content.