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Brazil: A lesson in patriotism
Although, some Brazilians do not believe that they have a strong team going into the ongoing FIFA World Cup, they are keeping their opinions for now to themselves until perhaps the tournament is over and the team fails to win. Though the team had virtually struggled against all the teams they had played with at the ongoing World Cup, it had not diminished their commitments to the national team. They massively mobilise support to the national team, flying the national flags in homes, cars, streets and parks and gardens. Virtually all activities come to a standstill, even though the venue of the encounter is miles away. In most cases, the soccer crazy Brazilians of all ages would dress in the national colours, heading to any of the Fan Fest Zones created in many areas of the various cities. “It is a virtual holiday of sorts,” said Mike Adjuya, a Nigerian itinerant English to Portuguese lecturer. “Their support to their national team is total. Every other thing takes secondary position,” he added. At some of the hotels and shops, many of the attendants are decked in the National jerseys. Nigerians, who could be impatient when the with the National team is not doing well, will need such a lesson in patriotism. In Brazil, patriotism and passion for the National team is total.

Nigerians turn hostile after loss
Since the failure of the Super Eagles to get beyond the round of 16, after losing 0-2 to France, a collection of Nigerians in Sao Paulo, particularly at the area known as Repuclica, have turned hostile to fellow Nigerians. They want Nigerians who came from Nigeria for the World Cup to leave. “Why are you guys still in town? You should leave us alone. We are no longer comfortable with you guys around,” said one simply identified as Uche. Perhaps, the only one still showing love to the visiting Nigerians are the Nigerian food vendors, who are making a fortune out of the visitors.

Brazil 2014
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