Mbu’s death, a personal loss – Ndoma-Egba

The Leader of the Senate, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba, has described the death of former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador M.T Mbu, as a personal loss.
Ndoma-Egba, in a press release personally signed by him today, said that inspite of the fact that the late Mbu passed away at the ripe age of 82, “that he died at a time Nigeria is at a crossroads, when his insight, experience, political and diplomatic  skills would have been most needed, is confounding and sad.”

The statement further described the late Mbu as “a remarkable man, with an unusually remarkable life, demonstrating a boundless possibilities of human spirit , if directed at a positive pursuit, from a minister at the age of 23, to being a Ph.D holder at the age of 72.”
The statement said further: “Mbu exerted himself to the limits of his endowments in the several opportunities he had for public service as parliamentarian, minister and Ambassador.
“His was a life of excellence and fulfilment. Given to sartorial and calligraphic elegance, his language was exact, and his manners, impeccable.”

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