Make a statement with bow ties

It is no longer news that Nigerian men and women are stylish and they ooze confidence wherever they go.
Stepping out in style is key for everyone and when it comes to combining a shirt and a blazer, bow ties are a no fail option.
For those who want to do away with the conventional tie, bow ties come in handy.
In order to make long lasting fashion statements, people should note that nothing pre-tied belongs under the chin so it is better to avoid the manufactured clip-ons.
They may look like a perfectly tied bow, but the polished man has developed the skill to tie his own.
It’s no worse than learning to tie a shoe or ride a bike and once you learn, you never forget.
All you need is a little practice.
Begin with one end in the left hand, extending 1.5 inch below the other end in the right hand, then cross longer end over shorter and pass up through loop. Make a front loop of bow by doubling up shorter, hanging end and placing across collar points.
Hold the front loop between the thumb and index finger of left hand.
Drop long end down over front.
Place right index finger pointing up on bottom half of hanging part.
Pass up behind front loop.
Nudge resulting loop through knot behind front loop.
Finally, hold the bow at both folded ends and pull carefully to tighten the knot.
Bow ties come in a number of styles and sizes.
They include the Slim Line/Standard, Butterfly Jumbo, Very Slim Line, Slim Line Diamond Point, Very Slim Diamond Point, Freestyle, Pre-tied and clip-on.
So there is definitely something for everyone.
Just like ties, men and women should also feel comfortable wearing bow ties.
They add that extra touch to one’s ensemble.
For instance, one could be clad in a shirt or a shirt dress, spice it up with a blazer and a bow tie to make all the difference.

Bow ties
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