Bomb blast rocks 1 Division, Nigerian Army, Kaduna

A suicide bombing attempt has reportedly failed in Kaduna.
The suicide bombing attempt failed at the 1 Division of the Nigerian Army, Kawo, Kaduna.
However, the bomb still went off, sending those nearby scampering for safety and those around the barracks into fear.
The explosion was described as “large” by someone close to the scene of the blast.

The spokesman of the 1 Division of the Nigerian Army, Leiutenant-Colonel Abubakar Eduh, confirmed the failure of the mission by the suspected member of the dreaded sect, Boko Haram.
Kano city in Kano State, which is about two hours from Kaduna has been under siege in the last one month owing to the activities of the Boko Haram sect.
Just yesterday, two police stations were attacked with bombs and guns by the sect.

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