2019: APGA aspirant submits nomination form, promises democratic dividends to constituency

Hon. H.C. Nsofor, an aspirant aspiring for the House of Representatives, Nnewi North, Nnewi South and Ekwusigo, today submitted his nomination form in Abuja and he pledged his commitment to provide “fulfilling opportunities” for the people of his constituency.
Nsofor said: “I have gone into electoral contract with the good people of my federal constituency and our great Party, the APGA. This Contract is basically founded on my unalloyed commitment to usher in far-reaching Democratic Dividends to our people through the Legislative Arm of Government, in such a way as to build an egalitarian society with all the opportunities for our people to fulfill themselves in life, both individually and collectively. This contract is also based on our shared democratic values of Human Rights, Rule of Law, Due Process, Transparency, Accountability, Development, Civilization and all forms of Freedom for all our citizens. The contract I am going into also derives from my 20-Point Federal Legislative Agenda that act as my legislative templates.
“I am going into this contract with the good people of my Federal Constituency of Nnewi North, Nnewi South and Ekwusigo, with a firm and irretrievable commitment to serve them at the Hallowed Green Chambers with the highest levels of patriotic and nationalistic zeal, hard work, sensitivity, love, all-inclusiveness, care, godliness, seriousness, vision, sagacity, selflessness and courage. I am committed to all that belong to all of us and will give a listening ear to the yearnings and aspirations of all the people of my Federal Constituency.”
He enjoined APGA delegates to consider his “noble candidacy” and present him with the party flag and he assured them that he will represent them “creditably well”.

APGAH.C. NsoforHouse of Representatives
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