Amotekun and the crisis of co-existence (3), by Taju Tijani

Our political wounds and tribal hatred are multi-layered and no longer consigned to the old binary North versus the West or West versus the East. There have been many other polarisations. Bonding Nigerians together in a giant bubble of indivisibility is no longer popular in our society. Unity only covet unfair advantage on caliphate Fulani to the detriment of others. We are becoming more aware day by day that our unity is a fraud concocted by few, tiny, incubated Hausa/Fulani elites to perpetually dominate and enslave Nigerians for ever. What troubles my mind is that caliphate Fulani hegemonic ideology is particularly lethal because it intersects with and is refined by the consuming notion of islamising the entire Nigerian state.
Our unity only promotes hokey pokey game of cabal where millions of thoroughly tyrannised Nigerians are forced to coexist by force under the barrel of the gun. It is becoming hard for our entrenched caliphate Fulani elites to countenance opposite ideas from the narrowly prescribed trench of unity at all cost. Our unity has not liberated millions of Nigeria from the sinking ship of this nation. High corruption is woven and institutionalised within our federal system.
The caliphate Fulani internal colonialists who run Nigeria are averse to an active population who are politically enlightened. They have destroyed education. The caliphate Fulani know that there are workable alternatives to our forced unity but they have to work assiduously to hide that truth. Nigerians merely bond together for the sake of survival, but cleaving to our various nations sits at the centre of our heart and dictates our deepest actions. Consider the deepest agitation of the people of the nations of Biafra, Oduduwa, Ijaw and other agitators. It is one direction: separate destiny!
What caliphate Fulani has perfected is to convert the power of federalism and deploy it to pursue impunity and vendetta against anyone seen to be advocating for restructure and separate identity. That is why this administration is waging a war on civil discourse. The rising cry for autonomy, dissolution, separateness or independence is our best hope of meeting the developmental aspirations of our growing population. The strident agitation for self-determination is the answer to caliphate Fulani’s hegemonic aloofness, remoteness and disconnection from reality. This is the crisis of political disengagement that is tearing at the heart of our coexistence.
Our unity is going through a meltdown because caliphate Fulani are unjust and grossly unfair in its total capture of every important institutions of this nation. Buhari brought in high nepotism and the islamisation of governance to an audacious and provocative level. There is a political disaster on the way. The caliphate Fulani is now box into a valley of decision: it is either to continue to satisfy the narrow agenda of tiny Northern elites or accede to the genuine desire of millions of long-suffering Nigerians yearning for their own republic. Biafran nation is on standby. Oduduwa nation is on standby. Ijaw nation is on standby. Middle Belt nation is on standby.
Our unity has not made Nigeria great. Rather it has allowed caliphate Fulani to indulge their fantasies for oppression, tyranny, dictation, command, threat and the promotion of uncertainty. Our federal unity promotes a dysfunctional, obsolete political system that encourages caliphate Fulani to embark on resource exploitation of the rich south which then leaves the south in mass poverty.
Self determination by the nationalities will encourage bolder innovations, prosperity, common touch, security, faster community development, homogeneity and less hidebound than a united Nigeria of disparage interests and aspirations. Self determination of the nationalities is the politics of the future and the cure for the haemorrhaging nature of our unity. In the reckoning of caliphate Fulani, Nigeria should remain a shithole of chaos where the genuine aspirations of 200 million people for their own space is forever denied by cow loving clowns who could not survive if we go our separate ways.
Well, the die is now cast. It is either we stand and be counted or sit and do nothing. Federal unity that confers advantage on caliphate Fulani is as doomed as a sinking Titanic. Caliphate Fulani with their pontifical dogmatism will always block out any alternative to inclusive union. Hausa/Fulani are the Judas betraying the nationalities from their freedom and independence. No amount of florid over-elaboration, persuasive articles, compelling narrative of our woes, thoughtful mitigations or polemical essays have succeeded in dissuading caliphate Fulani from their near-religious belief that they are ordained to rule and be in charge of Nigeria forever.
Our democracy has been reduced to a cabal of Islamic fundamentalists who will forever block the aspirations of the self-determination agitators. There is a continued subordination of rational argument for restructuring to caliphate Fulani’s own goal of capture, domination, censor, greed and self-interest.
The bad news is this: the spirit of separate nationalities could not be eternally suppressed, it would emerge from the shadows and bring down whoever is the stumbling block thwarting that dream. Dictators, like the one we have in power – and would be dictators – often prepare their own collapse. They fall in love with themselves, their ideology and presumed omnipotence and infected with impunity, tend to overreach and make mistakes. And because President Buhari had unmitigated licence to visit whatever wild outrages he wanted on his tormentors – Pa Adebanjo, Kanu, Sowore, Kukah, Northern Elders, Fani-Kayode, Gani Adams, Shehu Sani and other critical voices he could not tolerate, he oftentimes engages in anti-democratic war that is making him a picture perfect caricature of a Jihadist-in-power.
So, without the audacity of radical action, separate nationalities will remain within the prison of dream, theory and polemical bravura. This is the time to unbound Nigerians from the bondage of century of unhappy amalgamation. Amotekun will remain an edifice of challenge. Amotekun will remain the magnet that brings together all agitating nationalities who are desperate to bring down this temple of shame called Nigeria. Amotekun is the symbol of the crisis of our coexistence.
. This complete my thought on restructuring and separate nationalities.