75 arrested, arraigned for traffic violation

The Lagos State Police Command has over the last few weeks arrested 75 persons and impounded 75 vehicles for driving against traffic, also known as one way, and indiscriminate parking in different parts of the State.
Twenty-eight of the Offenders were arrested for driving against traffic, while the rest were arrested for indiscriminate parking at different clubs and businesses in the State.
A statement by the spokesman of the Command, Bala Elkana, said such indiscriminate parking result in major obstructions on the highways and streets and causing traffic gridlock.
Elkana added: “Inasmuch as such clubs and businesses have the rights to run their businesses, our road users equally have the right to free flow of traffic.
“Business owners and operators of clubs and worship centres have a duty to ensure that their customers, staff, visitors and followers do no create obstructions on the roads where they operate for the benefits of other road users.
“The vehicles impounded included private cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, bullion vans and escorts vehicles who drove against traffic.
“The message is clear, no one is above the law.”
Elkana said the Commissioner, Lagos State Police Command, Hakeem Odumosu, maintained that the operation will be sustained and called on road users to obey traffic laws at all times.