2019: Tambuwal picks presidential race form, vows to tackle herdsmen/farmers crisis

Tambuwal, however, promised to look at the issue “very comprehensively” and resolve it.

Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State has said herdsmen/farmers crisis in parts of the country was a major security concern for every Nigerian.
Tambuwal, however, promised to look at the issue “very comprehensively” and resolve it.
Tambuwal stated this on Thursday while speaking with newsmen after picking the Peoples Democratic Party Nomination and Expression of Interest Forms for the 2019 presidential election.
“I believe it is an ‎issue that every responsible government must address and I assure you we can take it head-on and resolve it,” he said.
Tambuwal, who arrived at the PDP National Secretariat in Abuja, at about 6pm, accompanied by some of his aides and supporters, expressed the hope that the party would conduct credible primaries “should aspirants fail to go for a consensus candidate”.
He said: “I can’t say there is no need for consensus because it is part of democratic process.
“If there is a possibility for it, why not?
“If it is not possible, then we all go for the primaries.
“But I believe that PDP of today is capable of organising free, fair, credible and transparent primaries.”
Tambuwal said considering his antecedent, he had the capacity to confront the ruling All Progressives Congress and its presidential candidate.
He said: “I believe you need to check back my political antecedents.
“I have always been confronted with this kind of hostile environment.
“You remember how I emerged as Speaker of the House of Representatives and how I remained there until I left to become the governor?
“So, I am not discouraged by whatever that may come up with as a challenge from the APC government.”