2019: Gov. Ganduje dares Kwankwaso to launch campaign in Kano

Kano State Governor, Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has challenged the former governor and   presidential aspirant, Senator Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, to come to Kano to launch his presidential campaign for the 2019 election.
The governor stated this in a statement issued to the press stating that President Buhari has a lot of chances of been reelected and Kano will never be ready to receive Kwankwaso.
He said: “And we have all the rights to reject him at wish. We have already rejected him. We never considered him from day one, as a presidential material. We shall continue to maintain our position about him. We know nobody but President Muhammadu Buhari.
“We, the great people of Kano, as he is aware will use every democratic way possible to reject him (Kwankwaso) and show him an exit from political participation, even before the general election comes our way.”
The governor lamented that Senator Kwankwaso does not care about the people as he was absent when Kano citizens were faced with difficult situations like the recent fire outbreak.
He said: “We in Kano, we came across the demise of distinguished personalities, of which he chose not to come and we had fire outbreaks in some of our markets and this man did not care to come and sympathise with the victims.
“When some of the popular markets in Kano experienced fire disaster Ganduje said, “We raised a special committee that was given the responsibility of finding the remote causes of such disaster as well as given the mandate to collect contributions so as to alleviate some of the sufferings of the victims.”
Ganduje further reiterated that Kano belongs to Buhari come 2019 and Senator Kwankwaso has no place in the state and that is why he has stayed away from the state and its activities.
He said: “Kano is solely for Buhari come 2019, not any other person. That is why we said we are waiting for him to come to Kano and launch his campaign. We shall use all democratically accepted ways and say No!”
He also added that the government will continue with its social programme as this is in line with the vision of President Buhari